If you are searching for your perfect home, don’t remove condos from the search. With a host of amenities and communities tailored to a variety of lifestyles, a condo can be just what you need.  At The Commencement, we love the condominium experience we provide, and we have four top reasons why!


While condo units are part of a building, that does not mean space is sacrificed. Your piece of the building can house everything you need including guest bedrooms, large kitchens and roomy closets, in a one-floor setting. Condos solve the problem of having too much space, eliminating the extras and presenting a home with the pieces you need. Also, in many condominiums, there are common areas such as pools, gyms and recreation rooms you can utilize for a variety of activities. In short, your unit may be perfect, but you have access to space beyond your walls.


There is something to be said about being near all the action.  When you remove the time to commute, the dreadful parking in most areas and turn weekend outings into peaceful strolls from your doorstep, you can make plans at the drop of a hat.  Many condominium buildings are strategically placed to be located near everything you want to have near your home.  Here are at the Commencement, we are located right by Commencement Bay with access to the town of Ruston’s incredible shops, restaurants, and jaw-dropping views of the water. Nothing seems too far, but our building can be your serene getaway.

Low Maintenance

Upkeep on a home can be a full-time job.  With yard maintenance dominating your weekends and upgrades to be made year-round, home maintenance can be a lot of work, but condominiums allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you want without worrying about how the grass looks. Tasks such as landscaping, structural upkeep and even trash are part of your condo fees so you can reclaim your time.

The Costs

The decision to buy a condo is typically not a swift decision, but financially it can be worth it.  When you break down the mortgage of a condo and the associated fees they can be more affordable than a standalone home mortgage or rent for an apartment month-to-month.  That said, the fees associated with your condo contribute to the amenities and services that make the condominium so great.  Any major cost associated with the building is typically addressed collectively from the reserve fund built from the fees and also includes day to day services such as trash removal and pool maintenance. 


If you are still on the fence, a tour might be the deciding factor.  Get the specifics on amenities, fees, and layouts to make sure it is perfect for you!  If you have seen The Commencement but haven’t taken a look inside, give out experts JoAnne and Cindy a call at 253.625.7121 or drop by, they will be happy to show you around.